We are not flashy and we don't market well. We are conservative and somewhat old fashion. We walk away from deals that don't seem right. We still believe in the simple honesty of a handshake. We are parents with kids in school, who coach soccer, who sing in church, who volunteer in the community, and who take care of their parents.

We are the typical small business providing a much needed product and with great small town service. We believe in what we sell and we stand behind it. When problems and challenges present themselves, we don't offer excuses . . . we take action.

If you're looking for a one hit wonder, we're not your guy. We firmly believe that the future of our company is directly related to the relationships we build and maintain today. We have spent the last twenty years building those relationships and will not jeopardize them over one deal.

God willing, we plan to be around for the next forty years while still maintaining the relationships we began during our first 5 years. Do we ship the wrong items, miss delivery dates, and send out incorrect invoices? Yes. Sometimes, and sometimes we make other mistakes. The biggest difference between us and them is that we take action to correct the mistake and usually learn from it.

We believe we are the people that most people want to work with. We're honest, hard-working and we'll do our best to make sure you're happy with our product; whatever it takes. We're Ace Marine.